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As we welcome a new year, 2020 will go down in history as a one that most of us will want to forget ever happen. Words such as Quarantining, Social Distancing, Contact Tracing, Viral Load, and more are ones that we hope in the near future we will never need to hear again. But 2020 wasn’t all bad as we were able to bring some good words and phrases to the forefront – words such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Air Exchange, Air Filtration and more. 2020 provided an opportunity to take a good long look at our living environment.

While Indoor Air Quality is not a new concept, it is gaining a lot of attention and will have lasting positive effects moving forward. Professionals in the HVAC and air movement industry have been working to improve IAQ for decades. Items such as better filtration in HVAC systems, more effective exhaust fans in the home, using range hoods and more have all contributed to a better living space. Now we are seeing and realizing that proper ventilation can play an important role in our overall health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While studies are finding that a properly ventilated area (home, office, store, etc.) reduces the spread of viruses, it is not a magic solution that will 100% prevent it. It should be used as one part of a multi-part solution.

适当通风的一个方面是空气交换。首先,让我们定义空中交易所。嗯,这是相当不言自明的 - 它正在建筑物外的空气中交换空气。良好的空气,空气不好。复杂的部分是我们如何做到这一点,我们如何能够有效地做到这一点。这American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers(Ashrae)推荐每小时0.35个空气交换。让我们仔细看看那个号码。如果您有1000平方英尺的脚,那么8脚天花板,那么您的家中共有8,000立方英尺(为您的工程师提供 - 是的,因为墙壁,家具,家电和家用依此类推 - 但现在就和我们一起去过这个)。拿8,000英尺的FT3和时间0.35,你得到2,800(你每小时需要离开家的空气数量)。现在分裂了60(一小时60分钟),你得到47.因此,在Ashrae的价格建议您应该在始终处于47立方英尺(CFM)的排气扇。ASHRAE是指连续通风。现在,回到工程师和数字的人。Ashrae实际上有一个计算来确定所需的通风程度。参观ASHRAE 62.2 pageto access the Air King calculator where you can input your information to properly calculate how much ventilation you need.

Now that we have how much air we need to take out of the home, we can concentrate on how much air we need to bring into the home. Using our example, the easy answer is 47 CFM and that would be accurate. The challenge comes in how we bring that air into the home. Many homes will have what is referred to as natural air infiltration. The average person knows these as drafts. This is air coming into the home without any outside forces working on it. With newer “tighter” homes drafts are greatly reduced so a different solution is needed to bring fresh air in. The simplest way is to open a door or window. While very effective, there are two challenges with this approach. First, this will only work in mild climates. If you live in Minnesota, you are not opening a window in February. The same holds true in Texas during the summer months. The second challenge is you can’t be sure the air you are bringing in is any better than the air already in the home. If you live in an area with high pollution rates or bad air quality, not exactly what you want to bring in. The best solution is to control as many factors as you can. Adding an air intake fan such as the Air King Fresh Air Series will bring controlled and filtered air into the home/building. You now control how much air comes in and can ensure that it is filtered. In more extreme climates using an ERV or HRV is another great solution as these are designed to bring fresh, filtered air in while reducing the strain on your HVAC system.

这main point of all this is that we need to pay a lot more attention to the IAQ of our homes and working spaces than we have in the past. Having a viable solution to exchange the air is a great starting point and a major component of an overall strategy.

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